Therapeutic Massage

Massage is a health and rejuvenation therapy enjoyed the world over. For centuries, men and women have enjoyed the benefits of relaxation, improved circulation, pain relief, injury recovery, and stress reduction after a massage therapy session!

St Julien Classic
Enjoy our Classic Swedish Massage which incorporates light to medium pressure, long, smooth strokes and kneading to stimulate circulation, ease sore muscles and reduce tension.
50 minutes :: $115
80 minutes :: $140

Deep Tissue Massage
Experience the therapeutic effects of a deep tissue massage, from increased circulation to enhanced muscle function, repair and elasticity. This massage combines traditional Swedish and deep, concentrated work on overly stressed, tight and problematic areas, breaking down the knots and aiding in recovery.
50 minutes :: $125
80 minutes :: $155

Rock ON!
Enjoy the deep, penetrating energy and therapy of heated stones combined with massage in this highly relaxing and grounding experience. This wonderfully soothing treatment harnesses the restorative power of thermotherapy-the direct application of warmth-to thoroughly penetrate the muscles. The result is a deeply relaxing massage that eases discomfort and promotes a feeling of holistic well-being.
80 minutes :: $160

Aromatherapy Massage
We will handpick a blend of pure essential oils that suits your specific needs for the day. This specialized massage combines the traditions of East & West and concentrates on the head, back, and feet. This treatment will send you on your peaceful way with the lingering benefits of aromatherapy.
50 minutes :: $125
80 minutes :: $155

Sole Delight
Treat your feet to a rejuvenating massage with reflexology techniques. We apply pressure to areas of the feet that correspond to various organs and systems of the body, cleansing the mind and achieving an overall sense of calm and rejuvenation. Whether you are hiking the mountains of Boulder or urban hiking on the Pearl Street Mall, this is a must treatment for you.
25 minutes :: $65

Scalp, Hand and Foot Massage
50 minutes :: $110

Pre-Natal Massage
This is the perfect massage treatment for the expectant mother, designed to relieve tension and stress experienced by a mother-to-be during pregnancy. Diminished hip and back pain and improved circulation are just a few of the amazing benefits of this massage.
50 minutes :: $125
80 minutes :: $145

This is the ultimate in stress reduction for the guest who is short on time. Tell us where you are experiencing stress, strain, tightness or pain and we will focus your massage on the target area.
25 minutes :: $65

Massage upgrades

10 Warm Stones $15
  For your specific area of focus.  
  Combined with massage to aid in muscle release.  
Aromatherapy Oil $10-15
  Depends on length of service.  
Deep Tissue $10-15
  Depends on length of service.  
Hot Oil Scalp Massage 25 minutes :: $40
Arnica Muscle Gel $10

Treatments for Two

Create a sanctuary together as you both indulge in a 75 minute, side-by-side, massage in your own private room for two.
75 minutes :: $299



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