Environmental Commitment

The St Julien Hotel & Spa is committed to doing its part to minimize our impact on the environment. As a committed Colorado green hotel, we realize that the decisions we make as an organization affect not just the environment of the Hotel, but also that of the community. As such, the Hotel recognizes the need to be aware of how we affect the world in which we live. In an attempt to improve our environmental efforts, the St Julien has formed a Green Committee, whose goal is to spearhead efforts that will reduce the Hotel's footprint on the community – all while maintaining the high level of service and quality demanded by our guests.

St Julien Hotel & Spa: Sustainability Initiatives 2009-2012

Energy & Water Conservation:

Electricity decreased 17% per occupied room:
• Over 600 guest room & bath lighting converted to more efficient fluorescents
• Programmable thermostats in guest rooms
• Energy saving settings on all computers & televisions
• Occupancy controlled lighting in low use areas



Natural gas decreased 30% per occupied room:

• Ozone laundry system lowers water heating needs
• Linen conservation program saves heated water
• Improved insulation, door & window sealing
• Reduced cooling schedules for public areas in summer months


Water decreased 11% per occupied room:
• Linen conservation program saves wash cycles
• Employee education & awareness surrounding water usage
• 2.0 gpf toilets in guest & public restrooms
• Low flow pre-rinse spray valves in kitchen
• Overnight irrigation scheduling


Recycling & Waste Reduction:

  • 85% reduction of waste to landfill since 2007
  • Organic waste composted at all food & beverage outlets (~150,000 lbs. annually)
  • Comprehensive recycling program, including guest rooms (~90,000 lbs annually)
  • Hard to recycle materials recycled at Charm facility (~10,000 lbs. annually)
  • Deep fryer oil collected and recycled
  • Paperless check-in
  • Conversion of all to-go containers to corn- or potato-based materials and/or post-consumer recycled content
  • Office paper products are a minimum of 30% post consumer content
  • Conversion from paper towels to cloth towels in public restrooms
  • Compostable key cards

Sponsorships & Donations:

  • Donation of opened amenities to local homeless shelter
  • Donation of linens to Red Apple Recycling
  • Monthly community environmental events, including Earth Hour and "Lights Out Lunch"
  • Earth Day promotions and donations to Center for ReSource Conservation
  • America Recycles Day Ecocycle Waste Summit
  • UNICEF Tap Week
  • Participation in the "Clean the World Program"  Clean the World Press Kit

Policies & Certifications:

  • 2012 CHLA Good Earthkeeping Award
  • 2011 Spa Finders Reader's Choice Award for "Best Enviornmental Practices"
  • Sustainability corporate policy aimed at conservation, recycling, education, purchasing and community involvement
  • Member of 10 For Change
  • Ecocycle Zero Waste Partner- Large Corporation Business Award 2008
  • Partners for a Clean Environment certification for Jill’s Restaurant & Spa at St Julien

2013 Green Plan:

  • Host Lights Out Lunch 
  • Sponsor Boulder’s Earth Hour 
  • Investigate further energy reduction measures 
  • Participate in UNICEF Tap Week 
  • Promote Earth Day in conjunction with Ecocycle 
  • Host sustainable film showing 
  • Reduce use of disposables in Jill’s Restaurant & T-Zero 
  • Host sustainable gift wrapping contest 
  • Sponsor Center for Resource Conservation annual fundraiser 
  • Increase waste diversion rate 
  • Host Bike to Work Day station 
  • Promote use of alternate transportation by associates

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